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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Check out the lyrics of Green Day's song.

Watch the song video here.

Then, in the "Comment" area, write your impressions.

  • How could this song be related to teenagers?

Waiting for your deep thoughts on the topic!



Welcome Back, Top Flex 6 Students!

Our topic of the week is 'TEENS'. Much has been discussed about them, their lifestyles, their preferences, tastes, as well as the advantages/disadvantages of being a teen nowadays.

Well, let's get deeper into the subject.

Read this USA Today article

Then, go to the comment area and express your ideas about it.

Who is this "Generation Next"?
What are the main characteristics of those emerging adults?
Are they very different from their parents' generation? How different are they?
What are the biggest challenges for this Generation?
Finish your comment with a question for the others.

Hope to see your contributions soon.