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We learned that one plus one equals two
When we grow and become wise
We discover that one plus one can sometimes be zero
Or one, or three, or several people at the same time
One plus one can be a good memory
Or a big mistake
Can be a soft breeze traveling around your body
Or a sweet and fast pressure on your chest
One plus one can be a funny laugh
Or an endless silence
Can be a calm hug of a person that you love
Or a fast sexual adventure with someone that
You won't see again
One plus one can be a life project
Or a surprising decision
Can be a sunset
Or a sunrise
Can be a sigh, a relief
Or a whisper, an anguish
Can be a request like, "Please, stay with me"
Or a difficult demand like, "Please, go away"
Can be a short meeting
Or a long farewell
Can be a little moment
When you close your eyes
And let your imagination take you away



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sérgio, Karen and Zé Henrique,

Congratulations for your creativeness and courage for swowing your ideas to us.

I didn't know that there was so much sensible and ramantic persons by my side in class.Each one of you, in a particular way to say the things, told us about different ways to love. Love people, things, freedon or simplilly a style to enjoy the life.

I'm proud of you,


7:14 PM


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