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Emerson, Marilda and Aboré asked: What's Libya like?

Well, Libya is in north Africa on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It's between Tunisia and Egypt. The Sahara Desert covers most of the country.

The weather is dry and hot most of the year. It holds the world record as being the hottest place in the world. It was
57.6°C once! Usually the weather is quite nice. It doesn't rain very often and hardly ever snows in the winter.

Daise and Simone asked: Why do you like to live as a Lebanese?

The nationality of the people of Libya is Libyan, not Lebanese. Almost all of the people in Libya are Muslims. I became a Muslim in 1982, about six years before I came to Libya. But you don't have to be a Muslim to live in Libya. There are many ex-pats (people who live and work in another country) who live in Libya and are of many different religions. They live here peacefully with the Libyan people.

Emerson, Marilda, Aboré, Daise and Simone
asked: What's life in Libya like?

Libya is a peaceful country. The people are very friendly and kind here. They like people who come to visit their country. Libyans speak Arabic and many people can speak Italian and English. Most people live and work in the cities that are on the coast. The south of Libya is mostly desert and not many people live there.

In the cities there are many shops and restaurants. There are schools and universities. You can find internet cafes in the cities and many people have internet in their homes.

The weekend in Libya is on Friday and Saturday. At the weekend most people visit their families and go on picnics in the countryside or to the beach in the summer.

Daise and Simone asked: What do you like about Libya?

I came to Libya in 1989. I've lived here for 17 years. I'm married, my husband is Libyan. We have 6 children. We have a flat near the centre of Tripoli, the capital of Libya, and a farm in the countryside. I like the quiet life here. No one is in a hurry and I can spend time with my family.

I teach English at a school near the city centre. Most of the students are Libyan. I like teaching Libyan students. They make me feel very welcome.

Emerson, Marilda and Aboré asked: What do you like doing in Libya?

I keep very busy with my family and my job, but I have many hobbies too. I like to go out in the city and the countryside and take pictures with my camera. I like to play on the computer and I have a blog and a website. I don't like to watch TV - I'm too busy to do that!

I don't really like sports, but I do like to walk. Sometimes I go for long walks. I usually take my camera with me so I can take pictures along the way. Then I post them on my blog for my friends to see.


Blogger carla said...

Dear Teri,

Thanks a million for your precious contribution. I'm sure my students will learn a lot about the country you decided to call home and about you.

You gave information about Libya that we probably would have never known if we hadn't contacted you. Amazing how we can get closer to someone's reality and cultural background through blogs.

Hope you become our permanent contributor!

You mentioned you liked taking photos, one of my hobbies, too. Now, what kind of photos do you take (nature, people...)? Could you share some with us?

Soon you'll hear from my students.


11:10 PM

Blogger khadijateri said...

You're welcome! I really enjoyed participating and my students here in Libya are excited about the idea of possibly doing something with your students in the future.

I have an account with Flickr - here's the link to see some of the pictures that I have taken. http://www.flickr.com/photos/khadijateri/

Most of the pictures are of places and things in Libya.

6:41 PM

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6:54 PM

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