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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Check out the lyrics of Green Day's song.

Watch the song video here.

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  • How could this song be related to teenagers?

Waiting for your deep thoughts on the topic!



Anonymous marilda said...

The question is "How could this song be related to teenagers?
The title of the song is "broken dreams". I guess it's because the teenager isn't a child anymore, however the teenager isn't an adult too. And when the teen was a child , she/he had many dreams. Suddenly she/he is almost adult, with a lot of responsabilities, she/he has to think about a profession, a career, how get money and so on.
In fact, he/she is scared, afraid about this new life.
The teen is lost, it's true.
The song talk about a person who walks lone, just thinking about this life, maybe this person is in a crisis.
This song is perfect for a teen: take a look in the adjectives: lonely, alone, shallow heart, empty street, broken dreams. And in the final: I wish someone out there will find me.
The teens are like this: lonely and confused.
But, fortunatelly, it's only a period of time, when she/he is an adult many questions are answered and she/he can be a happy and an independent life.

3:53 PM

Blogger carla said...

Dear Marilda,

I totally agree with you. The adjectives in the song (alone, shallow,empty, broken) are totally related to most of the teens. It's a transitory moment of their lives that they feel at loss.

How were your teenage years? Did you feel the "burden" of being a teen or was it just a nice period of your life?

Waiting for your memories.


10:48 PM

Blogger 4qu4tro said...

I think that teenager is a very lonely experience. When you are a teen, you always think that nobody can understand you. But in fact, every teen are lost. They body are becoming different and their thoughts are becoming rebels.
Some teens express this rebel thing in clothes, music, "school problems", ..., and some prefer to stay at the same street, the street that they already know.
But we don't need to be afraid about rebel teens, 'couse its just a fase, an important fase to them, to see what they can do and what they can't.

9:27 AM

Anonymous Mariana said...

Carla, I was a happy teen. I was a good student, worried about future, but I usually enjoyed myself. My parents gave me enough freedon and I knew how to use it (in general ...) . I think the most important thing is to show teens that they have to have responsibility. Bye,

11:12 PM

Anonymous Rosanna said...

The title of the song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" already suggests us the conflict that happens in the teens'mind.

It's a period of life whtn they are confused and they think they are alone in the world because as it is written in the song, "they are walking down the line that divides them somewhere in their minds".

It's a period of life when everything in their lives is changing, the dreams are finishing and the responsibilities are coming.

I guess that this song refers to this time of their lives.


5:44 PM

Blogger carla said...

Dear students,

I guess that all teenagers feel sometimes the pressure of growing up and the need to make choices in relation to their future. So that's why they may be at loss. However, as Mariana pointed out, there are good points about being a teen. If they are responsible and their parents trust them, they can have lots of fun and some freedom. They have many friends, go to many parties, travel, share moments and memories. This is positive!

But I'm sure the feeling of loneliness and not belonging to a certain group is part of this very special period of one's life.

What are your thoughts on that? Do you think teens, in general, are happy or anguished by so many external pressures and physical changes?

Hope to hear more from you.


5:49 PM

Anonymous emerson said...

I guess that when they say "broken dreams" they are talking about the discovering of their ideas seems to be different from anyone, so they feel alone because there isn't anybody with they can share their own. The dreams are broken because there was a time that they thought they have friends, family and from one moment to the other nobody seems to agree with them, the complete world seems to be against them so the dream of taking part of something (like family, school, friends) is broken.
They walk alone as a way to run away from everything or even as a way to find someone that share the same opinions. I guess that in fact for them is more difficult to admit that their ideas are wrong (or at least not completely correct) than to fight with the entire world (and be nominated rebels without cause).
I don't guess the teens are afraid of anything, they can be lost, is true, but not frightened. It’s an age of discovering things more related to the persons relationship. That’s the time where most of them identify themselves with “tribes” that represent ideas, manners, “way of life” and behavior in general.

12:12 AM


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