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Welcome Back, Top Flex 6 Students!

Our topic of the week is 'TEENS'. Much has been discussed about them, their lifestyles, their preferences, tastes, as well as the advantages/disadvantages of being a teen nowadays.

Well, let's get deeper into the subject.

Read this USA Today article

Then, go to the comment area and express your ideas about it.

Who is this "Generation Next"?
What are the main characteristics of those emerging adults?
Are they very different from their parents' generation? How different are they?
What are the biggest challenges for this Generation?
Finish your comment with a question for the others.

Hope to see your contributions soon.



Anonymous marilda said...

The "Generation Next" is youngers aged 16-25 years old, who are singles, employed and with a college diploma.
These emerging adults are touched in technology. They get married more late than their parents. Some lives with another colleague, or lonely, but most of them continues in their parents house, although they reached financial independence.
More students are enrolled in college, but they also are taking longer to graduate.
Another characteristc: this generation doesn't expect to stay forever in one job. According some researchers they've been raised in a climate that emphasized the importanced of high self-esteem. They don't waste time trying to change things.
These younger adults have grown up with technology, as I said, not just for work: computers, cellphones, iPods, instant messaging and so on.
A characterist that I think is important: these youngers don't have a lot of prejudicds as their parents, such colors of skink, religion, etc.
Millennials have a sprit of volunteerism. They have interest in the world around them.
As I'm already 39 years old and my parents are aged 59 and 65, of course this generation is totaly different from my parents. Even this generation is very different than my generation.
Everything has changed since I was a child.
When I gratuated in Law in 1992 a computer in each house was a rarely thing. Today I have 3 computers in my house.
This generation has big challenges, it's true. The world has changed a lot.
There is corruption, the man has destroyed the planet, the trees and the mineral resources
Although this, I think this great generation won't have a lot of troubles, because they are more prepared than their elders, mainly there are more interested in politics and in voting. I hope they do their best.
Do you agree with my opinions?

3:05 PM

Anonymous Mariana said...

Hi Marilda! You are a perfect boggler!
I agree with you that "Generation next" has lots of benefits comparing their parents's generation. They have more experiences, they travel a lot, they can commmunicate by internet, phone, and keep in touch with many realitys. In the US it's normal and fabulous, but in Brazil it's possible only to minority. This fantastic world is permit only to few teens and this distance of possibilities aggravate the troubles in our country. In fact, in my job I can see lots of young adults (around 25 years old) that don't have any interprises.
What do you think about my comment? Bye,

12:29 PM

Blogger carla said...

Dear Marilda and Mariana,

Very thorough comments! You've touched in many important issues related to the Millennials, our teens of today.

Mariana, very good point. Can our Brazilian teens be considered the "Millennials" if most of them aren't even connected as there's a digital divide problem in which most of them don't have access to the technology we're talking about?

Another question: The article you read was about American teens. Does it apply to our Brazilian teens? Are those characteristics universal?

What do you think?

Hope to hear more from you.


9:29 PM

Anonymous marilda said...

Unfortunatelly, many teenagers can't use a computer, but the gouvernment and some ONG's are trying to include this guys in a technology life. Nowadays, several public schools have computers and there are some cybercafes. Of course our reality is totaly different of the americans. There computers are cheaper than the ours.
But I guess things are changeng...
I love to dream with a better country.
There are a lot of cheap and expensive computers in the shoppings today. I work helping poor people and I always ask them if the had a computer and if they surfed on the internet to accompagn their processus and most of the times they said they had one simple computer.
So, I realize a progress...

4:20 PM

Anonymous Karen said...

1) Generation next refers to the young people – who are 16 through 24 years old. Usually, they are educated, employed and live on his own. For some demographers, generation next includes just people who have born since 1980. Another ones include people who born in 1982 to 2000. Most researchers have focused on 16 to 25 year-old people.

2) They’re not in a hurry to launch careers just out of college; they’ve grown up with technology and use it constantly, not just for work, like many of their elders, but to maintain relationships. They are more tolerant and open-minded than previous generations, have a spirit of volunteerism and a hit of interest in the world around them.

3) Yes, they are. Most of their parents’ generation had already finished school, left home, gotten independence by age 30. On the other hand, the smaller percentage of generation next had reached those standard markers of adulthood by age 30.

4) In despite of the financial independence, one of the main characterists of the generation next, the emotional independence is the biggest challenge for this Generation. All economic and social improvement of the modern life isn’t be able to help the young people with their insecurities and inside conflicts, own of the age.

10:48 PM

Blogger carla said...

Dear Karen,

Is your generation any different from this generation next? In what ways?

Do you think that this generation is more open-minded than the previous ones? Why is that so?

Waiting for your views on the topic.


10:51 PM


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