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First Week - What we did

Class 1 - We got to know a little bit about everyone in class, and started talking about our lives, hopes, and ambitions for the future. There are three new students in the group,Cláudio, Karina, and Luiz Fernando, and also a new teacher! Then, we started unit 5 and had the listening activity on page 34.

Class 2 - We started the class with some "Breaking News", the current news that are on TV, the newspapers, and everybody is talking about them, like, for example, the corruption problem in the Brazilian Congress. It's a new idea that I want to develop with you througout the semester. In the beginning of the class we will leave some time to talk about the news of the week so that you work with different vocabulary and practice your speaking skills. I was amazed with everybody's production! Then, we still dealt with the listening and started focusing on verb patterns, verbs followed by the infinitive and by the gerund. By the end of the class, we had the following list:
Verbs followed by the infinitive
would like to
going to
would love to
want to
hope to

Verbs followed by the gerund
look forward to
think of

The homework was page 35, Grammar spot, and the practice part n. 1 and n. 2.

See you all on Monday.

Just saying hi to you, my top students! This is the place to interact and advance our English learning process. I hope to see everybody making good use of this blogger.

See you next class,