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We finished unit 6. You should read the text on page 46 and 47 on your own, for we won't have time to do it during class time.
We checked the exercise on page 45 "CHECK IT".


1. He's older than he looks or he's MUCH OLDER than he looks.
2. Laura's as tall AS her mother.
3. "WHAT'S LAS VEGAS LIKE?" "It's really exciting!"
4. Trains in Tokyo are more crowded THAN in Washington D.C.
5. Harvard is one of THE oldest universities in North America.
6. This is HARDER than I expected or this is MUCH harder than I expected.
7. Who is the RICHEST person in the world?
8. Everything is CHEAPER in my country.

Also, we worked on synonyms and antonyms (page 48). Remember that, to incorporated these words to your vocabulary you should practice them, making sentences, taking a look at their use.

Sick of - Bored
generous - thoughtful
great - wonderful
enormous - huge
modern - new
wealthy - rich

Can you think of other synonyms for them?

The antonyms:
bored/sick of - interested
generous/thoughtful - stingy
new/modern - old
wealthy/rich - poor
enormous/huge - tiny
polite/well-educated - rude
stupid - smart

Don't forget to study units 5 and 6. We are going to take a little diagnostic test to see how much you've learned since the beginning of the semester!

See you on Monday.