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How We Met Each Other

We were from different tribes. Rodrigo was the good boy, wearing fashionable clothes from well-known Brazilian brands. I was kind of hippie, not the one from the 70's at all, but I wore "alternative" colorful clothes and I had long curly hair. Rodrigo was into Economics while I was a fan of the Anthropology and Sociology Department at UNB. He dated a Middle School colleague of mine whom I have to admit was not my closest friend. At that time, our lives couldn't be so apart.

Time went by. Both of us passed a public entrance exam and started taking a four-month course, eight hours a day, with tests every single week. In order to pass, we had to start helping each other and a study group emerged from our need to go through those tough times. The group of students became close friends. We studied hard. However, as any young people, we had also much fun together after long hours of discussions and readings. We played tennis, ran, had parties, sang together. The boys played the guitar and I fell in love with Rodrigo. I couldn't help myself. He was dedicated, intelligent, witty, talented...Everything I would expect from a man. He played the guitar and my heart pounded at 1,ooo miles/hour!

One day I promised it would be the decisive day! We went out together, just the two of us. It was a famous bar in Brasilia, Libanus. We talked about all the frivolities one could ever imagine, including the Aquarius Era! I drank two huge glasses of powerful "caipirinhas". I was walking on air having Rodrigo by my side. I was embarrassed, but that was my only chance. Well, the night was perfect. Our first kiss was magic. I wanted the moment to last forever.

However, Rodrigo started acting strangely. When I talked to him about our situation, his reply was that he wanted to have fun in life and he didn't want any serious relationship. My heart sank and I decided not to bother with someone who didn't care about us. We kept hanging out with our friends, but I ignored Rodrigo. I wanted him to be part of the past. He started calling me to check how I was. Once I told him on the phone that he was a chicken, he didn't have the courage to be happy, etc... We went to a party, Rodrigo told me he had a song to show me, he played the guitar and sang the most romantic song ever and we started dating. We've been together for 10 years, we got married two times - the civil ceremony was in 1997 and the religious one was in 2002 together with our youngest son's baptism.

I feel the luckiest woman in the world to have met such a wonderful husband and father for my two kids! Life couldn't be better.

Carla Arena

  • How about you?

  • Tell us about how you met a special person in your life or You can share a love story of your parents, relatives, close friends...

  • When was it? Where were you (or the couple you're talking about)? How did you feel (how did the couple feel about each other)? What happened? Are you still with this person (Is the couple still together)? How do you feel now about this person (What are your impressions about the couple's life together)?

  • I'm anxiously waiting for your romantic stories!



    Dear students,

    I'm very proud to be posting these three excellent, unique poems written by Sérgio, Karen, and José Henrique, the brave ones! They took the risk and I wanted to share with you these masterpieces of English.

    Who's gonna be the next?

    Share your impressions on the poems with your classmates. I'm sure they will love to know what you think.



    We learned that one plus one equals two
    When we grow and become wise
    We discover that one plus one can sometimes be zero
    Or one, or three, or several people at the same time
    One plus one can be a good memory
    Or a big mistake
    Can be a soft breeze traveling around your body
    Or a sweet and fast pressure on your chest
    One plus one can be a funny laugh
    Or an endless silence
    Can be a calm hug of a person that you love
    Or a fast sexual adventure with someone that
    You won't see again
    One plus one can be a life project
    Or a surprising decision
    Can be a sunset
    Or a sunrise
    Can be a sigh, a relief
    Or a whisper, an anguish
    Can be a request like, "Please, stay with me"
    Or a difficult demand like, "Please, go away"
    Can be a short meeting
    Or a long farewell
    Can be a little moment
    When you close your eyes
    And let your imagination take you away


    If I were a Scientist

    If I were a Scientist
    I'd create the time machine
    I'd go back in time
    If it were possible to see you again

    We'd be together again
    Just like we used to be
    And I could talk to you again
    If it were possible to hug
    But only...

    If I were a Scientist
    And could create
    I'd say how much I love you
    I love you Dad.


    If I were a Bird

    If I were a bird
    I'd fly all the time
    Making long trips
    Trying to know a new place each day

    If I were a bird
    I wouldn't be alone
    I would fly followed by many birds
    Just worrying about the wind and rain
    Feeling the world as one

    José Henrique