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How We Met Each Other

We were from different tribes. Rodrigo was the good boy, wearing fashionable clothes from well-known Brazilian brands. I was kind of hippie, not the one from the 70's at all, but I wore "alternative" colorful clothes and I had long curly hair. Rodrigo was into Economics while I was a fan of the Anthropology and Sociology Department at UNB. He dated a Middle School colleague of mine whom I have to admit was not my closest friend. At that time, our lives couldn't be so apart.

Time went by. Both of us passed a public entrance exam and started taking a four-month course, eight hours a day, with tests every single week. In order to pass, we had to start helping each other and a study group emerged from our need to go through those tough times. The group of students became close friends. We studied hard. However, as any young people, we had also much fun together after long hours of discussions and readings. We played tennis, ran, had parties, sang together. The boys played the guitar and I fell in love with Rodrigo. I couldn't help myself. He was dedicated, intelligent, witty, talented...Everything I would expect from a man. He played the guitar and my heart pounded at 1,ooo miles/hour!

One day I promised it would be the decisive day! We went out together, just the two of us. It was a famous bar in Brasilia, Libanus. We talked about all the frivolities one could ever imagine, including the Aquarius Era! I drank two huge glasses of powerful "caipirinhas". I was walking on air having Rodrigo by my side. I was embarrassed, but that was my only chance. Well, the night was perfect. Our first kiss was magic. I wanted the moment to last forever.

However, Rodrigo started acting strangely. When I talked to him about our situation, his reply was that he wanted to have fun in life and he didn't want any serious relationship. My heart sank and I decided not to bother with someone who didn't care about us. We kept hanging out with our friends, but I ignored Rodrigo. I wanted him to be part of the past. He started calling me to check how I was. Once I told him on the phone that he was a chicken, he didn't have the courage to be happy, etc... We went to a party, Rodrigo told me he had a song to show me, he played the guitar and sang the most romantic song ever and we started dating. We've been together for 10 years, we got married two times - the civil ceremony was in 1997 and the religious one was in 2002 together with our youngest son's baptism.

I feel the luckiest woman in the world to have met such a wonderful husband and father for my two kids! Life couldn't be better.

Carla Arena

  • How about you?

  • Tell us about how you met a special person in your life or You can share a love story of your parents, relatives, close friends...

  • When was it? Where were you (or the couple you're talking about)? How did you feel (how did the couple feel about each other)? What happened? Are you still with this person (Is the couple still together)? How do you feel now about this person (What are your impressions about the couple's life together)?

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    Blogger 4qu4tro said...

    When i was 13 i started to be a part of a group that studies philosophy. The group reunion was in Sandra's house, a 46 years old woman. Sandra became a friend, and i started to pass a lot of time at her house. She have two sons, and in 13 year i only knew one, Marcio. The other, i only heared about.
    13 yaers later, i went to Sandra's house to made a visit, and the myterious son was there, making a visit too. Victor. I look at him and think hi is the most pretty man in the world, and imediatly i wanted to go home.
    He started to hold my hand and say that he wanted to show me his new bicycle, and when i went to see this bicycle he invited me to go to the movies with him, and the crazy woman here say: Call your mom to do that with you, and i went away home.
    I was sick and him called me and help me with some medications and started to make me laught. I dreamed with him all night, and accepted his invite to go to the movies.
    when we arived to the movies we seat together and i don't know why, i hold his arm and put my head on his shoulder, and we staied like that all the movie, and it was so confortable, so perfect... we started to go out but nothing happened. He gonne on a vacation and called me every day...so when he returned we started to date.
    In this year and a half that we are together we have problems, but we learn about "vitices" and "marinices", we broke, and when we back together it was so nice... all i have to say is that i'm very happy and i have a very affectionate boyfriend, ho read "Calvin and Hobbies" with me before to go to sleep. I learn to see love in the little things ...

    9:16 PM

    Blogger carla said...


    I loved your love story! It is so romantic and real, at the same time.

    And you are right! We need to see love in the little things. Besides, we need to be understanding and caring in order to have a stable relationship with the one we love.

    Great story!

    I want to know what do you think the biggest challenge is to keep loving and caring for each other...


    5:04 PM

    Blogger 4qu4tro said...

    Teacher, in this relashinship, i really learn a lot about me and about been with someone. when i meat Victor, i'm not really ok to be with him. I think we need to be able to learn... learn how to be lovely, how to share things, time and space... i think i'm until learnig, so in cupple of years i will have more to say.

    5:51 PM

    Anonymous marilda said...

    Hi, Carla.
    I want to talk my love story, too.
    In January/1989 I'd spend a year in France to be a "jeune fille au pair", in a french family and I worked in Ministério do Exército. But in December/88 the Justice Tribunal called me because I had passed in a public entrance exam. I was confused: go to France or start do working in a job that I hoped so much?
    Then, I decided to work at Tribunal
    and in two years later I'd go to France.
    Well, soon I met Carlos Alberto(today my husband, called as Carlinhos) in a line at Brazil Bank, in Tribunal. We started to talk, he showed me everything in Tribunal and in some months he invited me to go out with him.
    So, we went out sometimes and in June 9, 1989 we started to date.
    But in the next July he traveled to Fortaleza alone. I didn't go with him because we had just one month of dating.He didn't like that.
    Then, I discovered that I was felt in love. I missed him a lot.
    When he arrived to Brasília, we started again the dating.
    He was the man who I founded.
    He said the same about me...
    We dated 3 years and in July 18, 1992 we got married in the same day of my birthday (I was 25 years old).
    After, we had 2 girls: Flávia, 11 years old and Amanda, 9 years old.
    So, we are together since 1989: 16 years!
    Marilda A. Caetano

    8:50 PM

    Anonymous Carmen said...


    I read your love history.I had a romantic historie with my husband too.

    I am married too, but I have married in in April 8, 1988.
    I new my husband in the Post Office where we work. He worked with a sort marchine and I operated this machine, so every day I saw hem. He is from Ceará and I am from São Paulo. I feel in love six month after new hem and we went live together, after one year we married. Today, I have two kids, a boy, he is 15 years old and a girl, she is 12 years old. I love my husband and I think he love me too.

    6:04 PM

    Anonymous emerson said...

    Well, I’ve met my special person twenty one years ago. It was carnival and I had gone to spend it in Itamaracá island. She had taken part on a group that I was joining in but I hadn’t known her yet. In that moment I didn’t know how to explain that, but even without having seen her face I knew that person that was to be introduced to me would be very important to me. I finished dating another girl during the carnival but when the carnival passed I missed her (the first “her”, of course, named Zildete). In that mean time we talked by phone a little (trying to find some excuse to keep contact). Then I decided to write her a letter to explain how important to me had been to meet her, but it wasn’t a simple letter, it was a enigmatic one that the meaning couldn’t be understood directly (or could let her in a great doubt) so she called me back to talk about the letter, we got out and I explained every detail of the letter, by that time, it was too late to her I’d already caught her heart and she had fallen in love with me (or was it the contrary?, after all, in love games catcher and caught can exchanges the side in seconds). In the beginning it wasn’t easy, our families didn’t want us to be together, because she was well established, I was only a student and she was five years older than me (like the song “Eduardo e Monica”), but our love got to overcome with that. Now we continue loving each other. It has been a great learning, along those years we had good and bad moments but the main thing is that each day is a different one, the relationship must be kept in a day by day basis, (the love makes you not worry and not get stressed with that).

    8:11 PM

    Blogger carla said...

    Dear Carmen, Marilda and Emerson,

    I loved to read your romantic stories. The best part? Each one of them is really a different, singular, unique love story. However, all of them have happy endings! And that's fantastic, for it is not easy to share and be together with someone. We have to rebuild, renew our relationship with our partners every single day to have a healthy and strong bond to the beloved one!

    Thanks for sharing your romance with us!


    11:24 PM


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