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Teri, an American living in Lybia said, "Being an American in Libya and raising my family here, Tripoli has been pretty much my world since 1989. I have come to learn so much about the Libyan people, respect their culture and beliefs, and share their hopes and dreams for the future."


Dear Teri,

This is what we want to know about you:

What do you like about Libya?
Why do you like to live as a Lebanese?
What's life like in Libya?

questions by Daise and Simone


What's Libya like?
What's life in Libya like?
What do you like doing in Libya?
Why do you like Libya?

questions by Emerson, Marilda and Aboré


Anonymous uzair said...

my mother was lived in lebya in 1984
then she was come pakistan at his family problem so will you please tell me that she lives darna she also work in masnaalmalabass shahil serge company at 1984 she wants to come back in lebya because she love his country lebya i am from pakistan
karachi sector 9 r-347 my number is 03323342505

5:32 PM


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