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Happy Easter!

Dear Students,

Happy Easter! May this time be of loving and sharing the good moments with the special ones in our lives. May this time be of learning how to have a pleasant and fullfilling life.

Let this time be of joy and much sweet feelings!

The Pictures above were taken during breakfast in my house on Sunday. I always try to make it a special moment for everybody in the family.



Anonymous marilda said...

Hi, Carla.
Happy Easter for you and your family too.
For me, today was a bit sad today, because we went to a 7th mass of my mother-in-law.
But I gave my children eggs easter and too to my nephews and nieces.
I loved your pictures.
See you tomorrow.

9:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Carla! Happy Easter for you and your family. I was in Rio with my family and come back today at morning. I´m still without my car... I don´t think I´ll go to class tomorrow... this the sad part. I´m sorry. I don´t like to miss our class. Bye bye!


10:39 PM

Blogger carla said...


These are tough times. Only time will make the feeling of loss less painful... The important thing is to be there for your husband and girls. They need your support and smile.



I'm glad you had fun in Rio. How was the beach there? I bet you had a wonderful time with your family.

We missed you in class, but we'll be waiting for you next class. I'm still keeping the chocolate with brigadeiro filling I prepared for the class! You'll get yours next class.

See you.

6:09 PM

Anonymous emerson said...

What a lovely family you have. I remember my time with my kids in the same age that yours, hope they don't fight (argue, to be nicer) as the mine used to. By the way, last class I forgot to mention how delicious was the chocolate gift you had given us (was this use correct?). My wife got curious about the recipe, could you send us?

8:27 PM


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