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OCTOBER - The Beginning of a New Module!

Dear all,

Last class we had a wonderful time with the singers and bands presentations. Wonderful job! We began to talk about obligations with HAVE TO and when you don't need to do something DON'T HAVE TO.

Now, we have a new student in class, Emerson. Welcome, Emerson, to our very enthusiastic group! I hope you enjoy our hours together. Well, I'll prepare some review activities about the simple past and present perfect and about the adverbs that we studied. Some students asked me for that. Just wait a bit so that I have some time to do it.

Why don't we start this module practicing more our listening skills?

Well, I'd like you to listen to one of the topics that might interest you on the following page, and, then, send me an email in English (of course!) telling me about it and what you learned from it. Or, even better, just add a "Comment" below so that everybody in our group can read it and share ideas with you. I'm anxiously waiting for your reply!

Extra Listening Activity

See you tomorrow.



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