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AUG 31

Dear students,

I'm very proud of your presentations about the cities. They were very enriching. They contributed to everybody's general knowledge and they helped you to learn more vocabulary, practice fluency and review grammar. Congratulations! You are a great team.

Well, we still worked on the Comparatives and Superlatives, had the listening on page 45. At the mall, we had a chance to explore a little bit of the possibilities in the e-folder. There are many exercises for you there. Use it to reinforce what we are studying in class. Also, you could see the computer lab I'm responsible for. Of course, the computers are not AS fast AS Luiz Fernando's laptop, but we can work there in a very nice space!

CTJ e-folder

Homework: Page 45, n. 4 (check it)
Page 48, n. 3 (antonyms)
Handout n. 6

See you on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend.



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