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Let's Start!

Guys, it's a pleasure to be with you. Let's learn English through music.
Today, I'd like you to listen to Ben Eyler's song at http://www.elllo.org/music/lazybones/lazybones.htm

After enjoying the song and paying attention to the lyrics, please, comment in the "comment area".

Are you a Lazybones? Why/why not?
Write as a message starting with If I weren't a lazybones... or If I were a lazybones...

I'm anxiously waiting for your replies.

See you next class.

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Anonymous Marina said...

If i were a lazybone, i wuold take some medication to get more energy, becouse i like to sleep my eight ours a day, but a love to do my stuffs, like go to work, listenig people who is suffering and hold their hans at this moment. Been a psycologist, stay with my friend, listen to good music, seen nice movies and eat good food are good reasons to not go to sleep everytime. I think i like to stay wake up. And now i like to stay wake up to go to my english class , feeling i'm doing something very good to me.
OBS: my blog - www.4qu4tro.blogspot.com
and email - marinac.ramos@gmail.com; savethemarinas@gmail.com
msn: marinapsi@hotmail.com

11:45 AM

Blogger carla said...


I can see you are not a lazybones. If you were a lazybones, you wouldn't write so much and so intensely in your blog. If you were a lazybones, you wouldn't get so deep into your thoughts.

Great job. I loved to read your reply in English and your blog in Portuguese. The women's hair story is fantastic. Every time I need a change in my life, I always have a hair cut, a radical change in the way I look and feel.

See you in class.
It is a pleasure to have you in class.


10:20 PM

Blogger Kelly said...

If I were a lazybone, i probably would be unemployed because who works in the bank, should be very smart. A count manager should be prepared to do several thinks and attempt the public. However, on the weekend it's very good to stay sleeping whole afternoon.

11:13 PM

Blogger carla said...

You are right, Kelly. We would never get a job at the bank, if you were a lazybones. In fact, you have to be very dynamic and active as an account manager to deal with the public. Besides, patience is a plus in your position.

I loved to get your reply on our blog!

Great job.


11:47 PM

Anonymous marilda said...

Il I were a lazybone, I wouldn't work so hard every day and take care of my kids very well.
I wouldn't wake up early twice a week to go to English school and twice to go to French class. As a public lawyer I have to study a lot the laws, read and write so much. But I love my job.
I have 2 kids pre-ado. Flávia is 11 years old and Amanda is 9. I have to spend a lot time with them.
If I were a lazybone I wouldn't swim twice a week and I wouldn't try to play tennis.
I have to lose weight in this year.
Is it possible?
Of course in the weekends and holydays I'm a bit lazobone. I love to stay a little more in the bed and I love to have fun with my
Marina and Felipe, it's a pleasure to see you.
Bye. Til tomorrow.
Marilda A. Caetano

11:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


If I were a lazybones, I wouldn't have a good job which I love so much; I wouldn't study English although my few time on the week; and I wouldn't have studied English for four weeks while my vacation in San Francisco. I'm just a little bit desorganized with my schedule!
...Thinking well, after to see these coments above, I am starting to think me a lazybones! Everybody works as much as me, the most of the people are married and have children to take care of and just me, a single person, don't have time to do my stuffs like I wanted. Actually, I need to get better!

11:57 AM

Blogger Gatto said...

Hi teacher! If I were a lazybones I wouldn´t be here doing my homerwork. I think sometimes I am lazybones but is just temporaly. One thing I can garantee I´ll never be lazybones in our class. Last monday fill all my expectation. I really like the way you teach english.

See you tomorrow!

12:23 PM

Anonymous marina said...

The histories you can read in my blog was wright for four womans, three friends and me...whos nick nome is Holly Golightly... but it is very interesting to read so diferent and so appear ideas and feelings.
OBS: you can notice that i don't care about grammar, so correct me, ok?
see you tomorrow

3:56 PM

Blogger carla said...

Dear all,

I can see that nobody here is a lazybones! Marilda, how can you do so much, even more than me. And I tell you, I do a LOT! Fellipe, you are right. If you were a lazybones, you wouldn't bother to comment on our blog. Karen, I think you are doing great, and I'm sure you have a huge motivation to study English now.

In my case, If I were a lazybones, I wouldn't have turned on the computer just to check if you wrote something here so that I could learn about you and interact with you.

If I were a lazybones, I wouldn't take an online course, have a husband, two kids, go to the gym, go out with friends, prepare classes, present 2 different things to CTJ teachers, work 40 hours...Oh, my God, I think I should be lazier sometimes!!!

Well, guys, I can't express my immense happiness to see that you are taking your time to go a little beyond the classroom and interact in our blogger! Way to go. Let's keep the spirit.


11:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


If I were a lazybones I'd let my soul go out from my body, I wouldn't think anymore and problably I'd become a vegetal. This is the extreme point that lazybones can reach, I guess. But by instinct and predestination the human race is compelled to find solutions to improve the quality of life of themselves and this makes people goes ahead without having time to be lazybones. Of course there are always exceptions, but in the deep they are just waiting for the correct stimulation.

12:26 AM

Blogger carla said...


How deep and poetic! I agree with you that we are compelled to be busy people. Our society doesn't accept people doing nothing. On the other hand, it is important that we take some time off to relax. For me, it is really hard to do it. I guess I am a compulsive soul that needs to be doing something all the time!
Great text. I was amazed once again by the quality of your writing.
Keep up the good job!

See you in class.


7:28 AM


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