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October 31st

Dear students,

Last class, every laughed at the teacher. Did I look nice dressed in a very "sophisticated" fashion?!! Do you want to laugh even harder, take a look at the spooky clothes I was wearing last Tuesday.

Well, in between laughs we worked hard on Time Clauses or Adverbial Clauses using AS SOON AS, WHEN, WHILE, UNTIL. And the 1st Conditional (If...)

If I study hard, I'll get a good grade on the test.(possibility)
If she has money, she'll travel on vacation. (possibility)
When I get home, I'll eat something.
As soon as you get home, give me a call.
While you are away, I'll stay at my parents' house.

Remember that in the subordinate clauses (the ones in yellow) you CAN'T USE will! Only in the main clauses (the blue ones).

How would you finish this sentence?
IF Carla GOES on the street dressed like this...
WHEN Carla LEAVES Thomas dressed like this...
AS SOON AS Carla STEPS out of Thomas...

Post your answer in the COMMENTS area just below so that you can see each other's sentences and still have fun!!!

I'm really proud of the written production I got from you, Cláudio, Conceição, Karen and Emerson. You, guys, take a look at what they wrote and post a comment to them! Great job and I'm waiting for the others' contribution.

HOMEWORK for Monday: Page 68. Write down questions in n. 3 and fill in the blanks in n. 4 and 5.

See you then,



Anonymous Rosanna said...

If Carla goes on street dressed like this, everybody will think she is crazy.
When Carla leaves Thomas dressed like this her husband will be very embarassed.
As soon as Carla steps out of Thomas the people will call the police.

9:03 PM

Anonymous karen said...


If Carla goes on street dressed like this, someone will caught her.

When Carla leaves Thomas dressed like this, she will be unemployed.

As soon as Carla steps out of Thomas, I will take a picture her.

9:06 PM


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