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November 7th

Today, in class we worked on conditional/adverbial sentences using (as soon as, while, when, if, before, after). Besides, we practiced the questions with

What will you do if...?

Rosanna has always a solution for the IF!

Karen and Luis Fernando told us about their trip last week. Karen went to Ilha Grande and Luis Fernando to São Paulo. Karen met a lot of foreigners, even Super Man! And had an embarassing moment when she said a bad word without knowing it was a bad word. Luis Fernando told us about his fun shopping experience at Daslu outlet! A very sophisticated man. Now, he is broke!

Then we had the listening practice on page 68, n. 5.

PLEEEASE, DO THE HOMEWORK: reading pages 70 and 71 and comprehension exercises (page 70). Also, I asked everybody to research a bit on a very big city and bring some curiosities about it. Try to look for information about a city other than Sao Paulo because we know a lot about it.

Hope to see you next class.
We missed Emerson and Igor today in class!



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