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WEEK 3 - AUG 8

We started our lively class with the news of the week. Everybody has always something to say!

We checked the homework. Workbook page 25. There are still some people in doubt on how to use LIKE/WOULD LIKE. I'll include some links for you to study that online.

We kept dealing with using the future for intentions, and we highlighted the difference between GOING TO/WILL.

Remember: Going to - Plan, premeditated action in the future
Will - Intention is spontaneous.

Examples: I'm cold. I think I'LL get a sweater.

I am going to Alaska next vacation, so I am GOING TO take lots of sweaters.

The homework for next class is: Student book, page 37, number 3 (Discussing Grammar).

Today we had a new student in class. Welcome, Marilda!

See you on Wednesday.



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